The Disruptive State of Photovoltaics

Ben Bunker analyzes industry price points and consumer beliefs to show why photovoltaics and home performance can best be regarded as side-by-side home upgrades. We’re in complete agreement with Ben’s thesis, and recent industry performance tells the same story. As a follow-on to this article, we’ll dedicate ample time at the 2018 Summer National Conference to developing realistic business models for the contracting industry.

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The New Nexus of Health and Energy

A vision statement and industry action plan, by Larry Zarker of the Building Performance Institute. Since this article was written, BPI has launched their Healthy Home Evaluator certification, bringing good reality to the vision Larry describes here. Healthy Homes, and the business models under which the nascent movement may become real, will be a primary topic of discussion at the 2018 Summer National Conference.

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To Insulation and HVAC Industries: Please Work Together

Chris Dorsi makes a pitch for greater cooperation among the building trades. Casey Murphy shows us how EPA is helping move the entire country towards honest-to-god quality installations with their Energy Saving Verified Installation (ESVI) program. And Steve Malon shows us how his organization focuses on the ongoing education of tradesmen to move their industry towards better practices. Linking the construction trades, with mutual benefit for all, will be an important thread at the 2018 Summer National Conference.

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