Bill Spohn is On the Air

Bill Spohn has been involved in the home performance industry for years now. His new podcast is called Building HVAC Science, and in it he showcases the people who make the home performance industry tick: builders, auditors, HVAC techs, scientists, manufacturers, sales people, etc. They’re all there, and Bill does justice to each and every guest.


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Clint Shireman Expects That Assembly Line Construction is the Future

Habitat X Fellow Clint Shireman points out that many environmentally-conscious products, from cars to solar modules, are made in factories. Could housing be next?

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Habitat X Journal is on the Street

The Habitat X Journal is now in wide distribution on The managing editor for this issue was Griffin Hagle. The articles in this issue cover a big range of sustainable housing topics, all written by Habitat Xers.

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Connected Devices for Home Performance

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