Habitat Xer Bill Spohn is On the Air

Bill Spohn has been involved in the home performance industry for years now. First as an engineer and designer of tools (Bacharach, Testo), most recently as a pusher of tools (TruTech Tools), but always as a believer in the power of simple knowledge as a route to success. Bill’s a generous soul, you see, and has spent most of his life helping his friends, colleagues, and customers excel.

His most recent project takes his innate knowledge and generosity to a new level. Building HVAC Science is Bill’s new podcast, and in it he showcases the people who are making the home performance industry tick: builders, HVAC technicians, scientists, or sales people — he gives them each a stage from which to tell their heartfelt stories. It’s a good formula.

Bill hosts several Habitat Xers, too: James Childre, Larry Zarker, J West, Chris Dorsi, Steve Baden, Robin LeBaron, Susan Davison, and Bill Spohn Jr all make appearances. Each episode is a fun listen, and plenty bite-sized at 25-35 minutes each. It’s worth taking time to give a listen.

>>> check out Bill’s podcast here, or on your favorite podcast platform.


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