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It’s called Pecha Kucha, and it’s often pronounced pu-CHOK-chu. You have a short period of time to stand up, tell a story, and sit down. Don’t you wish all presenters would do this?

Pecha Kucha website

Pecha Kucha presentations were first refined by a group of Tokyo architects and artists in 2003. Since then, the idea has spread around the world.  Pecha Kucha can also be very effective for training seminars and academic events. We use them all the time at Habitat X events.

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How to Present a Pecha Kucha

If you choose to deliver a Pecha Kucha presentation, we offer these simple guidelines.

Alice Stanley on Leonard Cohen

Alice Stanley telling about her relationship with Leonard Cohen. Captured at Pecha Kucha Night in Helena, Montana.

Even seasoned presenters say that presenting a Pecha Kucha is harder than they thought. You’ll need to distill your ideas down to their essence. But isn’t that what good presenters should always do? And the truth is that most modern audiences are hungry to hear summary ideas presented in an intelligent fashion. That’s the essence of Pecha Kucha.

Much of this advice is also relevant to presentations that do not follow the Pecha Kucha format. Keep it simple. Tell a story. And don’t put a lot of data on your slides. Please.

See some excellent tips from the TEDblog on how to make a really good slide deck.

Or read this primer, by Felix Jung, on planning and delivering a great PK presentation.

PechaKucha splash screen

This presentation was debuted in Bozeman, Montana on January 25, 2012.

Watch a Pecha Kucha Presentation

You can get a feel for the Pecha Kucha format by viewing this presentation by Chris Dorsi on the Pecha Kucha International website.

View Human Habitat: The Evolution of Efficiency

Create Your Own Pecha Kucha

One of the best ways to learn about Pecha Kucha is to try it out yourself. We’ve created PowerPoint templates to help you get started. They include 22 slides: a title slide, 20 body slides with built-in 20-second auto-advance and visual timing cue for the presenter, and a closing slide for the presenter’s name and contact info.

Template: ACI National Home Performance Conference

Download the ACI PK Master as a PowerPoint file.

Template: Exploration Works

Download the Exploration Works PK Master as a PowerPoint file.

Template: Habitat X Summer National

Download the Habitat X PK Master as a PowerPoint file.

Download the Habitat X PK Master as a Keynote file.


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