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If you cannot attend a Habitat X Conference, but you want to be connected to the Habitat X network, we offer the Habitat X Membership Plan. Your membership gives you the same access to the X network of people and resources that is enjoyed by conference attendees.

This membership is our best value. You’ll be strongly connected to the face-to-face conferences as they unfold each year, PLUS we’ll support your work for an entire year afterwards.


Habitat X Members enjoy these benefits:

  • A one-hour consultation with a Habitat X staff member of your choice.
  • A credit for the full value of your membership to apply to any future Habitat X Conference.
  • A downloadable copy of the Habitat X Journal.
  • Exclusive access to the Panel Discussions at the next Habitat X Summer National Conference. And the opportunity to submit remote questions for the Panel Discussions.
  • Access to the Habitat X Brainstorms, a closed bi-monthly meeting for Habitat X participants.

The Habitat X Membership is $99 per year. Register below.


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