You should advertise Habitat as “the perfect venue for forging business partnerships.”
Robin LeBaron, Pearl Home Certification

Habitat X has created something new. I’ve learned that if you’re interested in talking about sustainable housing and energy efficiency with little practical relevance – these conferences are not for you. But if your intent is to actually work toward doing something – then ATTEND HABITAT X!
Chandler von Schrader, retired, EPA Home Performance with Energy Star

Chris has unique skills for handling groups, understanding issues on both the micro and macro level, and for getting ideas out of people that are unmatched. Habitat X is helping our industry find a direction.
Colin Genge, Retrotec

I haven’t stopped thinking about how much I learned at Habitat X Summer National. I was inspired, impressed, enlightened, and honored to be among these amazing individuals. I’m rejuvenated!
Bruce Greenstein, Skyline College

I am convinced – attending the Habitat X conferences is the best way to improve your knowledge, your skills, and your professional success.
Tom White, Home Energy Magazine

Best conference that I ever attended and still inspiring me years later! You will leave Habitat X with a fresh perspective, new abilities, and strong connections that’ll allow you to be more effective in your work.
Mike Mongeon, Habitat for Humanity International

I am deeply impressed by the people in the Habitat X network. Chris has always been a thought leader for our industry. In the many years I’ve known him as trainer, mentor, and friend, Chris has stood by his ideals, delivered top-quality training, and helped others excel.
Tiger Adolf,

Tremendous thanks to Habitat X for providing a training long overdue in the industry. I will be forever indebted and I’ll offer any support I can in the future.
Kevin Beck, CalCERTS

Chris Dorsi literally wrote the book on Home Performance – Residential Energy is the textbook I was required to read for my BPI training. He understands the whys and hows of everything. He’s a renaissance man!
Nate Adams, Energy Smart Home Performance

I left the Habitat X Conference genuinely enriched, with improved perspectives, and with new abilities. The event is not an exposure but an immersion. Everyone in attendance gets to be heard, exchange ideas, and learn from the experts. This is a dynamic group of dedicated individuals that I am humbled and honored to have joined. This is a conference you will be glad to have attended.
Arthur Beeken, Hybrid Home Performance

The Habitat X Conference was open, fast-moving, and very, very educational. I can’t get over what an eye-opening experience it was. And I got connected to people I never would have met otherwise. This is the future of the energy efficiency industry.
Bill Meehan, Building Performance Institute

Chris epitomizes the qualities of the ideal colleague. He’s smart, level-headed, warm, thinks on his feet, is open to ideas, and is the first to acknowledge someone else’s contributions. A true pleasure to work with! Oh, and did I mention fun?
Ann Edminster, Design AVEnues

The Habitat X Conference was one of my best experiences of the year. You are able to bring together the best from all sectors of the sustainable housing industry. The work we do, and envision for the future, is critical to the well-being of all, and you are helping make that happen. Thank you!
Ed Brown, Habitat for Humanity

I am honored and grateful to say that being connected with Habitat X has made ALL the difference in my company. Chris is a true leader of the cause and is always ready to support the success of others. I owe much of my success to Habitat X!
Greg Hall, Apple Energy Group

Habitat X is the future of home performance training and learning. Be there!
Macie Melendez, Home Energy Magazine

The Habitat X faculty are truly leaders in the field of Building Science, finding innovative ways to help professionals better themselves and move the whole industry forward.
Joe Hall

Thank you for organizing the Habitat X Conferences. My participation has lead to new relationships and game-changing developments in my work.
Albert Johnson, Center for Employment Training

If this industry is your passion – then a Habitat X event must become your action plan – so you can experience how Chris Dorsi can orchestrate the energy in the room and make it more than the sum of the individual parts.
Joe Medosch, Retrotec Trainer

This event was a grand slam home run!
Rick Powell, RMC Energywise Homes

Chris knows the world of building and its vast network of players better than most I know. A true leader, teacher, thinker, writer, and ardent enthusiast for the built environment.
Kristen Shewfelt, US Eco Logic

Habitat X provides an un-precedented forum. Chris Dorsi has a way of teaching that allows students to open up and learn. He definitely has the technical knowledge and experience to teach building science – and that knowledge, paired with excellent communication skills, makes Chris a rare trainer, indeed.
A. Tamasin Sterner, Pure Energy

Chris’ passion for knowledge is engaging and infectious. His sessions are always the most entertaining and the most educational.
Ed Thomas,


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