The Habitat X Journal is on the Street

The 2019 Habitat X Journal is now in wide distribution on This is the digital successor to the printed magazines shown in our header. The articles in this issue cover a big range of sustainable housing topics:

  • Reflections on the Habitat X Fellowship
  • New Media, Timeless Knowledge
  • How Assembly-Line Innovation Can Shape the Future of Sustainable Housing
  • Certifying Home Performance
  • The Cobbler’s Home: How the Best Builders House Their Families
  • That’s Building Performance
  • Hero or Villain? A Reckoning with R-PACE
  • Larry Zarker: Tidewater Fisherman
  • ‘Easier, Better, Simpler’: Why This Habitat X-er’s Next Ride Will Be a Tesla

Each of these articles was written by one of our Habitat X colleagues. It’s a great insight into the expertise of this brilliant group of people.

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