Brighter Energy Collective

Brighter Energy Collective was founded by Griffin Hagle, Michelle Nochisaki, and Ed Matos (left to right below). All are recent recipients of the Habitat X Fellowship. BE supports young professionals from across the home performance industry by hosting events, creating vocational opportunities, and building professional collaborations.

The Founders -- Brighter Energy Collective

The Projects

Brighter Energy Collective has provided solid support for Habitat X over the years.

  • Developed and managed strategic planning sessions at each recent Summer National Conference.
  • Funded an endowment for the 2018 Habitat X Fellowship, which included a scholarship to the Summer National Conference.
  • Provided editorial support for new Fellowship recipients who published articles in the Habitat X Journal.
  • Funded carbon offsets through intermediary offCents for the travel incurred by all participants at the 2019 Summer National Conference.

We’re looking forward to a long and productive relationship with BE and all the young professionals they’re bringing into the Habitat X network.


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