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2016 Summer National Conference

Summer National Conference

Who Should Attend

    The Habitat X Network — the conferences, the publications, and the professional network – is now entering its fifth year. Over this time, Habitat X has become a respected venue for seasoned professionals who have a stake in the future of sustainable housing:
  • Home Performance Specialists
  • Home Builders and HVAC Contractors
  • Utility Representatives
  • Industry Regulators
  • Architects and Designers

This is the place where advanced business networking, strategic planning, and personal development take place in one integrated event. Participants go back to their jobs with a renewed focus and connection to their industries. Join us, and connect to this forward-looking network of seasoned professionals.

Collage of Participants

The Program

The program for the 2016 Conference will include presentations, panel discussions, and workshops that leverage the six initiatives described in the 2016 Habitat X Strategic Plan:

  • The Evolving Role of Gas and Electric Utilities
  • Connecting Home Health and Home Performance
  • Consumer Ethics and Values
  • Contractor Training and Quality Control
  • Building Performance and Product Development
  • Programs and Codes

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Words can’t express how incredible and inspiring the Habitat X conference was to me! — Bruce Greenstein, Skyline Community College

ChrisDChris Dorsi X leads Habitat X with the support of consulting trainers, facilitators, and subject matter experts from around North America. We provide training solutions to the sustainable housing industry, working with individuals and organizations to optimize the performance of people and their systems.

Our core services are the Habitat X Conferences, held both at our headquarters in Helena, Montana, and at various host locations. These focused and fast-moving events redefine the professional conference to meet the evolving needs of the modern marketplace.

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