The Habitat X Sessions

Habitat X Sessions

Habitat X has been selected to develop a dedicated track — The Habitat X Sessions — at the 2017 HPC National Home Performance Conference & Trade Show. We’re honored to moderate some of the most important discussions that’ll take place in this respected national forum.

We hope you can join us in Nashville this March 19-22 as we produce critical guidance for the North American home performance industry.

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The Sessions

We’ve developed sessions for the HPC Conference that lend themselves to the Habitat X approach: incisive panel discussions, exploration of controversial topics, and smart interactive workshops.


Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Policy Outlook for Energy Efficiency

A fast-moving panel discussion on the pitfalls and opportunities of federal support. Moderated by Chris Dorsi (Habitat X), with panelists that include Kara Saul Rinaldi (VP of Government Affairs and Policy, Home Performance Coalition), Steve Cowell (President, E4TheFuture), Tim Miller (CEO, Enhabit), and Dan Kartzman (Senior Advisor, NYSERDA).

No one doubts that the policies of energy efficiency in the U.S. are in rapid evolution. These tectonic shifts are affecting stakeholders in ways that even the most astute analysts and pundits could not have predicted a year ago. You’re invited to join this experienced group of practitioners — in a candid and interactive panel discussion — for an update from Washington, DC on the outlook for EE policy with the Drumpf Administration and 115th Congress. Panelists will provide perspectives on how this impacts the future of energy efficiency in the states and a discussion about state leadership. Audience-participation will be encouraged!

Learn more at the HPC website.



Michelle Nochisaki

Ed Matos

Elizabeth Chant

Mark Tajima

Chris Dorsi

Griffin Hagle

Emerging Professionals: A Debate on the Future of Home Performance

An informal debate with Amy Beley (Wild Root Solutions), Michelle Nochisaki (GHHI), Ed Matos (Competitive Advantage), Elizabeth Chant (VEIC), and Mark Tajima (Energia). Moderated by Chris Dorsi and and Griffin Hagle (North Slope Borough, AK).

We’ll stage a debate that asks how we could increase professional diversity within the ranks of the home performance industry. Our panelists will make their best pitches — in an informal debate style — that jump start a discussion on the best ways to find, nurture, and retain the best human talent. We’ll explore the successes and failures of the past, and begin developing a thesis statement that outlines the most likely paths to future success for all professionals.

You’re invited to bring your own ideas and visions for a diverse workplace to add to the discussion.

Learn more at the HPC website.


Keith Canfield

Frank Rapley

Ely Jacobsohn

Joe Medosch

What IS the Future of the Home Performance Retrofit Model?

A revealing panel discussion with experts Keith Canfield (CLEAResult), Frank Raply (TVA), and Ely Jacobsohn (DOE). Moderated by Chris Dorsi (Habitat X). The media manager for this session is Joe Medosch.

The market for home performance retrofits has undergone tectonic shifts in recent years. This evolution has been driven by pressures that include a changing regulatory landscape for utility companies, increasing accurate data that reveals how home performance upgrades actually perform, and an increasingly uncertain federal policy environment. Join us to learn more — and position your organization for the future — in a candid and free-wheeling interview with experts who have been engaged in several different sectors of the home performance industry.

Learn more at the HPC website.



Michelle Nochisaki

Ed Matos

Innovate & Connect: Share Your Elevator Pitch

A professional networking session, in the style of a speed-dating event, hosted by Habitat X Fellows Michelle Nochisaki, Griffin Hagle, and Ed Matos of the Brighter Energy Collective.

We’re all familiar with house-as-a-system principles. This session supports an “industry-as-a-system” approach to networking that connects the brightest professionals. If you’d like to participate, please compile a 2-3 minute elevator pitch for an idea to share. Your pitch should respond to a specific issue in the home performance industry, whether it addresses public policy, entrepreneurship, or advocacy. We’ll provide a platform for you to share your ideas and visions.

Learn more at the HPC website.



J West

Become a New Media Expert

A hands-on workshop that’ll give you solid guidance on how to fortify your own marketing and messaging campaigns. Hosted by Habitat X Fellow Griffin Hagle and Habitat X Founder Chris Dorsi. The media manager for this session is J West.

We’ve discussed this issue for an entire generation now: the home performance industry suffers from a broad misunderstanding among consumers. Much of this shortfall is simply caused by poor communication and imperfect media skills. Helping you improve your approach, to reach both existing and new markets, is the subject of this session.

Participants will review and analyze case studies of successful current media campaigns that leverage magazines, blogs, podcasts, social media, and in-person presentations. The intent is to reveal what types of media current consumers pay attention to and what they’re increasingly ignoring. To get the most out of this session, bring us an idea you’d like to expose to the world — a story to tell, a product to pitch, or an idea to share — and we’ll consider the best way for you to get it in front of people who care.

Learn more at the HPC website.

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