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The Habitat X Webinars are built with a simple principle in mind: to connect working professionals at their desks in ways that are meaningful and productive. For this recently completed series, we chose topics from the Habitat X Strategic Plan that was recently published in Home Energy Magazine. These topics are based upon the work of active professionals in the Habitat X network — the stuff that you’ll need to know to be more successful in your work.

We deliver the webinars on a focused schedule. We bring in respected experts, help them share their most relevant information, and field questions from participants in an interactive discussion. Afterward, we compile a complete set of resources on the topic and share them with attendees. And the Habitat X Webinars qualify for continuing education credits from the Building Performance Institute.

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Completed: Contractor Training and Quality Control

The implementation of high-performance building standards within the construction industry, for both new and existing buildings, has been slowed by barriers of tradition, economics, and training. Luckily, we have some solutions to these age-old problems.

Join Jonathan Lang (Knauf Insulation) and Joe Medosch (Energy & Environmental Consulting LLC), and J West (High Performance Human Habitats Training & Consulting) to learn how the most successful organizations still recognize that training is critical part of the construction business. We’ll show you how simple psychology, modern quality-control systems, and remote verification are being pressed into service to assure that the job is done correctly, every time, and in the most competitive business environments.

Jonathan LangJoe MedoschJ West

Completed: Connecting Home Health and Home Performance


Join Brad Turner (Southface Energy Institute), Larry Zarker (Building Performance Institute), and Leif Magnuson (Pacific Gas and Electric) to learn how the home performance and health industries are taking on an important new role in home health assessment, technical training, and home remediation.

Brad TurnerLarry ZarkerLeif_Magnuson

Completed: Codes and Programs that Work

Join Colin GengeGriffin Hagle, and Chandler von Schrader to learn about two hopeful new initiatives:

  • The Compliance Project — an industry initiative to speed the implementation of energy codes in residential buildings. There is opportunity here for forward-looking practitioners. Learn more.
  • ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation (ESVI) — a new EPA program that encourages the installation and verification of high-performance HVAC systems. ESVI could finally close the quality gap in U.S. HVAC work. Tune in to learn more.


Colin GengeGriffin HagleChandler von Schrader

Completed: Product Development: A Case Study at Heron Hall

The methods and materials used to build and maintain high-performance buildings are in a period of rapid evolution. We recognize both opportunities and risks in the adoption of these products. To achieve solid gains in mainstream construction practice, the construction industry needs ready access to methods and materials that are proven to provide long-term and reliable performance.

We hosted Rick Blumenthal (Knauf Insulation) for this session. He filled us in on an important new research project at the place called Heron Hall. Billed by the developer as “one of the world’s greenest homes“, there surely is a lot we can learn from their choice of materials and methods.

Rick has been deeply involved in the R&D for this project as the lead for developing sustainable, effective, and truly green insulation systems — not a trivial task given the often conflicting requirements placed upon any insulation system.

Rick Blumenthal

Chris Dorsi


Completed: The Evolving Role of Gas and Electric Utilities

Join Ron Horstman (Western Area Power Administration) and Matt Golden (Open EE) to learn how the business and technology of delivering energy is undergoing huge transformations that will make or break many industry players.

Consumer icons

Completed: The Evolution of Consumer Values and Expectations

Consumer ethics

We’ve spent a lot of time at Habitat X working to understand how, why, and when people buy home performance services. It’s been a conundrum for years now: why don’t good home performance programs and companies always thrive? And when they do, how do we replicate their success?

We’re now closer than ever to having some answers. And we’ve brought in two experts to show us what they know. We hope you can join us.

Join experts Garry Upton (Decision Analyst) and Peter Troast (Energy Circle) to discuss how the most forward-looking organizations understand and manage consumer expectations in ways that improve both customer satisfaction and bottom-line success. These top experts study the behavior of homeowners in surprisingly different ways — but both with the goal of creating actionable advice for the home performance industry.

Garry UptonPeter Troast



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