Peter Troast

Peter is a brilliant marketer and super-competent businessman. So we won’t try to improve on the bio he’s written about his company Energy Circle, based out of Portland, Maine:

“We are a digital army of marketing and development professionals with diverse backgrounds who work every day to find germane solutions to the challenges within the building performance sector. Today, we support 350 of the most successful home performance contractors, HVAC companies, sustainable architects, and low-energy builders across 49 US states.

Founded in 2008, we’re totally committed to our clients. We believe in establishing long-lasting relationships built on trust, mutual understanding and a thirst for lead-generating innovation. When you work with us, you invest marketing dollars only in what works best.”

Peter recently joined us as a guest for the Habitat X webinar The Evolution of Consumer Values and Expectations.

2016 Conference
Conference Panelist
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