Paul Zabriskie

Paul Zabriskie is a leader in the policy and advocacy arenas for energy efficiency and conservation in the state of Vermont. His diverse and extensive experience in environmental engineering drives his passion for whole systems solutions to the inefficient use of resources and adoption of renewables. He directs and administers multiple programs and initiatives that reduce energy waste and CO2 emissions while improving the health, safety, and durability of homes.

At Capstone Community Action he oversees EnergySmart, a social-enterprise home performance contracting service; the organization’s Weatherization Assistance Program providing home efficiency solutions to low-income Vermonters; and 3E Thermal a multi-family housing energy retrofit service. Paul is also helping to lead the roll out of Zero Energy Now, an innovative home energy improvement program that takes a comprehensive approach to energy use, providing efficiency upgrades, renewable heating (such as heat pumps and biomass) and solar PVs.

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