2014 Summer National Program

Update: We worked diligently with industry stakeholders to develop our strongest program ever for the 2014 Summer National Conference. We presented workshops, training sessions, and panel discussions of great relevance the participants who came from the fields of home performance, sustainable housing, and renewable energy. We help people get connected, polish their skills, and make professional progress.

Would you like to join us? Then save the date! We’ll be in Madrid, Spain in 2015, and Montana, US in July 2015.ParadisePanoramajpg

We built this year’s program from the ground up to help every participant reach important benchmarks of personal and professional achievement in these areas:

Participants pick and choose from among these tracks. But we guarantee one thing: they always go home with the tools to boost their careers and power their businesses to the next level.

Panel Discussions

The Habitat X Conferences hinge around the daily panel discussions. We moderate these free-ranging and inclusive dialogues to draw from the expertise within the group. We develop these panels throughout the year, assuring that we have pre-eminent experts in the room. But these panel discussions often take on a life of their own, as we learn about the expertise of each conference participant and we build the final list of panelists. And this inclusive approach defines the Habitat X Conferences — because everyone is a participant, and no one sits in the back of the room.


We schedule the free-wheeling Habitat X interviews for the last session of the day, so we can all gather, relax, and hear what others have to say. We try to seat people for interviews who have extraordinary stories to tell, and who we believe can offer relevant guidance for the other people in the room. Unlike the Panel Discussions, we don’t record or re-broadcast the interviews because we like the frank and open dialogue that thrives when the conversation stays in the room. The interviews:

See the Detailed Schedule.

Professional Development Workshops

We get some of our best work done in the professional development workshops. Many participants regard these sessions as their opportunity to go back to college for a few days and focus on learning that’s truly relevant to their current profession. A few of the workshops:

See the Detailed Schedule.

Technical Workshops

At the Habitat X Conferences, we don’t focus on technology for its own sake. This is not the place, for example, to come get trained as a technician. But when we see important new technologies that are changing industries, we are extremely interested in bringing these tools to the people in the Habitat X network. Our goal is to show you where technology is headed so you can position yourself or your organization to take advantage of new tools and techniques. (Plus, some of DO like to play with toys for at least a few hours a day.) A few of the workshops:


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