Ed Matos

Ed Matos has accumulated an impressive record of achievement in the home performance industry. With a background in sales and sales management, he recently closed a total of more than $4M in home performance retrofits, and managed a team of four salespeople achieving $8.5M in annual home performance sales.

As the proprietor of Competitive Advantage Consulting, his current initiatives include producing The Home Performance Sales Manual, a practical textbook on the language, psychology, and management of sales for the home performance industry. Ed is also the ‎Regional Sales Director at BrightCore Energy.

Ed is a recipient of the 2016 Habitat X Fellowship. Ed and Habitat X Fellows Michelle Nochisaki and Griffin Hagle are the founders of the Brighter Energy Collective. Ed lives on the north shore of Long Island, New York.

2016 Conference Presenter
Habitat X Fellowship
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