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The Call for Topics is now open for the Summer National Conference to held in June 2021. We encourage participants to join the dialogue by submitting a proposal.

The Habitat X Conferences are designed to create in-depth and meaningful interaction among all participants. To make this happen, we deliver information in several formats:

  • Poster presentations at the conference.
  • 3-10 minute flash presentations at the conference.
  • Panel discussions at the conference.
  • Articles in the Habitat X Journal.
  • Guest presentations during a Habitat X webinar.

Unlike the “Call for Presenters” at most conferences, this call is simply for new ideas and initiatives. Your submission does not obligate you to prepare a presentation for the conference, though that could be one outcome if we like your idea and you are willing.


We give preference to proposals that address issues of interest to our core constituency:

  • Home Performance and HVAC Contractors
  • Architecture and Engineering Firms
  • Gas and Electric Utilities
  • Government and Regulatory Agencies
  • Finance Organizations
  • HERS Raters and Energy Auditors

Whatever your expertise, we’d like to hear more about what you think are the hot topics and why they’re relevant to industry at large. Tell us more by submitting a proposal.


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