Southface, After All These Years

A report on the success of a highly effective industry player, by Brad Turner of Southface Energy Institute.

“Southface is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote sustainable homes, workplaces, and communities through education, research, advocacy and technical assistance. My efforts at Southface largely focus on the education pillar of our mission.

Among other projects, I manage the Southeast Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Training center (SWEET), a U.S. DOE Weatherization Training Center (WTC). We were the second WTC in the country to earn accreditation by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), and in January of this year we became one of only eight training centers in the country to have achieved IREC Accreditation for all four Home Energy Professional Training Programs: Energy Auditor, Retrofit Installer & Technician, Crew Leader, and Quality Control Inspector.”

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The New Nexus of Health and Energy

A vision statement and industry action plan, by Larry Zarker of the Building Performance Institute. “Now is the time for the building science community, the medical community, and the insurance industry to build a collaborative model toward preventive health care that starts with a whole house home performance assessment.”

This will be a primary topic of discussion at the 2018 Summer National Conference.

A Regional Framework for Sustainable Development

A program update from community activist Heather Higinbotham of the Bozeman Climate Partners.

Big Data Offers Big Solutions

Habitat X faculty members Joe Medosch and J West explain why this group of new technologies is about to change the effectiveness of the home performance industry.

Excel at Advanced Diagnostics

Chris Dorsi and J West share a practical set of guidelines – won by hard experience – to help you keep your wits about you when the testing gets tough.

YesHaus: Perhaps the Best Future of Housing

Visionary builder Duke Elliott tells about the success and challenge of building truly sustainable homes – pre-fab style – in Bozeman, Montana.

Anatomy of an Analyzer

An engineer’s tour through the components of a common combustion analyzer, lead by Bill Spohn of TruTech Tools.

“It’s an odd relationship we have with technology. We regard each new invention with the awe it deserves, and then somewhere along the line we begin to regard the miracle as something normal, and we take it for granted…”

To the Insulation and HVAC Industries

We build a case for why we’ll all benefit from greater cooperation among the building trades. Casey Murphy shows us how EPA is helping move the entire country towards honest-to-god quality installations with their Energy Saving Verified Installation (ESVI) program. And Steve Malon shows us how his organization focuses on the ongoing education of tradesmen to move their industry towards better practices. Linking the construction trades, with mutual benefit for all, will be an important thread at the 2018 Summer National Conference.

How One Guy Sells Home Performance

A blog post with commentary, written for consumers by Nate Adams of Energy Smart Home Performance.

“You’re probably here because you’re trying to fix a problem with your home. And you’ve probably found a lot of confusing and conflicting stuff from all around the web.You may also have a healthy geek-streak in you, since you are, after all, reading a post called The Science Summary.

Your inner geek will be well fed here, and hopefully you’ll understand a little more about the science behind the problem you are trying to solve…”

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