Guest Presenters at the Heartland Conference

Keith Canfield

Keith Canfield will join us for the Industry Forum and portions of the Core Conference. He’s the Energy and Communications manager for the Clinton Climate Initiative, and a Deputy Program Manager for the Home Energy Affordability Loan (HEAL) project, a unique, energy-based employee benefits program designed to improve quality of life, at both the corporate and homeowner levels, by reducing GHG emissions and improving energy performance in commercial and residential buildings. By enlisting employers nationally to offer the HEAL program to qualifying employees and community members, the program is able to make a large-scale and rapid impact in energy usage, GHG emissions and employment opportunities.

Joe Medosch

Joe Medosch will join us for the entire conference, delivering sessions on technology and marketing. He’s a technical wizard across much of the home performance field, and a talented trainer as well. He’s a training consultant to Retrotec Inc., and he recently developed the Energy Management curriculum for Technical College System of Georgia. Joe is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and is a former energy manager at University of Georgia, Tifton, and an Energy Management Instructor at Moultrie Technical College.

Eileen OharaEileen O’Hara will join us a facilitator for parts of the Core Conference. She’s the principal of O’Hara Consulting Services in Kansas City, Missouri, where she provides marketing assistance that bridge the gaps among providers in the home performance industry. She delivers strategic planning for selected organizations, and creates creative content for the home performance industry. Eileen has also worked in corporate marketing for the wireless, building materials, and real estate development industries.

Mark AllenMark Allen will deliver a business development session and the closing keynote for the conference. He’s a seasoned entrepreneur who founded a holding company with nine subsidiary companies, a building materials company with 12 regional distribution centers, a real estate development company, and a production homebuilding operation with combined revenues of over $245 million and five hundred employees. Mark currently works with University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) and the Small Business & Technology Development Centers network where he works to empower innovators, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

MarkMaschgerMark Maschger will present a Wednesday session on the appraisal and valuation of high performance properties. We’ll work in a hands-on format to develop talking points for attendees who build, remodel, or sell properties with green attributes, with the intention of providing to force market acknowledgment of the financial benefits of high-performing properties. Mark is the widely respected founder of Appraisal Bridge, a lender services company in Kansas City, Missouri.

Bill Spohn


Bill Spohn will present remotely on the use of wireless tools and other technology. He’s the president and CEO of TruTech Tools in Akron, Ohio. Bill holds degrees from the University Of Rochester, and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania. Bill has designed and marketed a wide array of test and measurement products in the last twenty-five years. He has presented to a variety of audiences on the applications of testing and measurement instrumentation in building science, weatherization, and HVAC. He has worked on technical committees for BPI, RESNET, GAMA, AHRI, OMA, RSES, NATE, and ACCA. Bill holds three US patents.

Kevin BeckKevin Beck will present remotely on the subjects of mentoring and leadership. He has been involved in the residential construction industry in California for over thirty years, working as a licensed General Contractor for the last 25. Kevin continues to be a lifelong student of building science and building performance. Most recently Kevin joined CalCERTS, Inc. to help develop and maintain the Contractor Services Division, and direct the training department. Kevin is also a Principal and the Director of Training and Operations for the Building Performance Center, Inc., a newly formed company to help fill the needs of creating the new Clean Energy Workforce utilizing a standardized system to ensure competencies and skills.

Ethan MacCormickEthan MacCormick will present a remote session on Compass and Surveyor, a suite of software products used by many home performance contractors in the area. Ethan has a unique background as both a builder and software developer, and as the VP of Services to Energy Businesses for Performance Systems Development he supports both contracting and consulting activities. He is a certified HERS Rater, an approved HERS trainer and a BPI-certified Building Analyst, Test Proctor, and Super-Proctor, and he co-authored the 2005/2007 rewrite of the Northeast HERS Alliance Energy Rating Manual.  Ethan serves on a number of boards and committees for the North American ratings industry. Ethan lives in Syracuse, New York.

Kevin Kennedy, is an environmental hygienist and the managing director at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. He’ll join us for the Industry Forum on Monday. The center performs patient-based services, training, education and research in indoor environmental health. Environmental Health staff performs environmental assessments in homes, schools, clinics, hospitals and childcare centers throughout the region served by the hospital. Kevin has been involved in environmental science and industrial hygiene chemistry and consulting for over 24 years. He is a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC), and is one of the training instructors for the National Center for Healthy Housing. He has been certified to teach high school science and worked previously as a restoration carpenter and cabinetmaker.

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