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These generous sponsors support the mission of Habitat X through technical support and financial donations. They have each shown an ability and willingness to work collaboratively with energy and housing professionals — we encourage you to contact them, introduce yourself, and support them in any way you can.

Panasonic Eco Solutions

We’re happy to welcome Panasonic Eco Solutions as one of our newest sponsors. They’re the manufacturers and distributors of several product lines — including Ventilation, Air Source Heat Pumps, High Performance Solar Panels, and Home Monitoring — that occupy critical niches in the high-performance building industry.

Contact: Ken Nelson

2017 Gold Sponsor

Home Energy Magazine

Home Energy Magazine has provided generous support for the Habitat X Conferences since our inception in 2011. Located in Berkeley, California, they’ve published the premier trade journal of the North American home performance industry for over thirty years now. They also manage Home Energy Pros, one of the most relevant social media platforms for the home performance industry.

Contact: Macie Melendez

2017 Media Sponsor


Retrotec has been a solid supporter of Habitat X for years now. Based in Everson, Washington, their equipment, software, and test procedures are used in over 60 countries and in the most demanding applications for houses, multi-family buildings, high rise towers and high technology installations. Their product lines include precision testing equipment: digital gauges, blower doors, duct testers, flow hoods, and software.

Retrotec has consistently brought the most advanced tools to market and has pushed the industry forward. Their most recent success is the DM32 gauge, the world’s first wireless touch-screen smart gauge. When coupled with the rCloud data storage system, users can now perform building diagnostics with an unprecedented level of ease, precision, and security.

Contact: Colin Genge

2016 Platinum Sponsor


We’re happy to welcome Foobot as Silver Sponsor for 2016. As purveyors of one of the most promising new devices for assessing and managing indoor air quality, the makers of Foobot have consistently shown both the technical prowess to design accurate and relevant equipment, AND a deep understanding of the human interface. With our current Habitat X initiative on connected devices, the makers of Foobot will have an important place at the table as we provide guidance for the home-performance Internet of Things.

Contact: Jacques Touillon

2016 Silver Sponsor

TruTech Tools

We again welcome TruTech Tools of Akron, Ohio as a Gold Sponsor of Habitat X. Founded in 2007 with the stated goal of “making measurement science work”, the people at TruTech have consistently done a competent job of providing technical support that helps technicians understand when, where, why, and how to measure and evaluate the built environment. They also sponsor a highly respected series of webinars on technical topics.

Contact: Bill Spohn

2016 Gold Sponsor

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