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Mission Statement: “The mission of Habitat X is to support the personal and professional development of individuals and organizations who work to develop sustainable housing.

The Broad Vision: “We recognize that housing, culture, and environment will be increasingly linked in the future, as limited financial and natural resources constrain our ability to house ourselves. We envision a next generation of sustainable housing, the creation of which could free important human and material resources for future generations. To this end, we create collaborative and fast-moving conferences and industry summits, on both face-to-face and virtual platforms, where people can connect with allied professionals in meaningful ways, expand their knowledge and skills, and become substantially more effective in their work.”

Habitat X, Inc. is organized as a Public Benefit Corporation (also known as a B-Corp) under the Montana Benefit Corporation Act, Title 35, Chapter 1, Part 14. Habitat X was founded by Chris Dorsi in 2011. The offices are located in Helena, Montana.

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Staff and Faculty

Griffin Hagle

Griffin Hagle has been involved in weatherization and home performance since 2006, most recently as the weatherization manager for the North Slope Borough of Alaska. He’s also worked as a utility program consultant for Richard Heath & Associates, conducted hundreds of energy audits for SolarCity, and trained auditors throughout Oregon and Southern California. Griffin lived for years in San Diego, California, but moved in 2015 to Barrow, Alaska, where he works for the regional government and owns what is probably the northernmost blower door in North America.


Griffin was the recipient of the 2015 Habitat X Fellowship. Habitat X Fellows Griffin Hagle, Michelle Nochisaki, and Ed Matos are the founders of the Brighter Energy Collective.

Read Griffin’s articles Performance in Paradise and The End of Malaise in the Habitat X Journal.

Griffin is registered for the 2018 Summer National Conference.

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John Dendy

John Dendy is a year-round associate with Habitat X Technical Services. He has built a successful career among gas and electric utilities that makes him well suited to understand and lead the building performance field. With training as a chemical engineer and energy specialist, he has lead successful teams focused on industrial safety, human resource development, and demand-side management. He was most recently a regional program lead for DNV-GL, managing consumer energy audits and direct installations for Northwestern Energy. John is also the leader of the band Cottonwood Club, based in Helena, Montana.

Read the Deemed Savings Manual co-authored by John for the State of Wisconsin PSC. Or read John’s article on utility programs in the 2015 Habitat X Journal.

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J West

J West is a brand ambassador for Habitat X, and serves as a staff member for the Habitat X conferences. He’s the Principal at High Performance Human Habitats Training & Consulting in Chicago.

J has earned a reputation for bringing together high-tech training tools and effective training skills. He has trained hundreds of instructors, energy auditors, quality control inspectors, and crew members from around North America, and has been involved at Federal, state, and local levels delivering building performance training, developing curriculum, performing building research, and facilitating working groups.


J is the co-creator of the bilingual weatherization training series  Carlito’s New Adventures in Weatherization.

Read J’s articles in the 2014 Habitat X Journal.

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Joe Medosch

Joe Medosch operates the consultancy Energy & Environmental Consulting LLC, is a training consultant to Retrotec Incorporated, and is the executive director of HHEA, the Healthy Home Environment Association.

Joe is a technical wizard across much of the home performance field, and a talented trainer as well. He developed the Energy Management curriculum for Technical College System of Georgia, he’s a former energy manager for University of Georgia at Tifton, and he’s an Energy Management Instructor at Moultrie Technical College. Joe lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Joe holds the distinction of having designed his own slightly cryptic typeface, hand-grinding the characters of an old Underwood manual typewriter. Read Joe’s article in the 2014 Habitat X Journal.

Joe is registered for the 2018 Summer National Conference.

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Chris Dorsi

Chris Dorsi is the founder of Habitat X. He’s spent the last 40 years developing best practices for the housing industry, writing and publishing respected books and technical curricula, running successful construction companies, and working as a real estate developer. He’s currently serving as the Director of Building Science Initiatives for the Montana State University Extension Service in Bozeman, Montana.

Chris is the co-author of Residential Energy: Cost Savings and Comfort for Existing Buildings, the Homeowner’s Handbook to Energy Efficiency, and other respected titles on sustainable design and construction. Chris’ upcoming book, Human Habitat, is due on the shelves in 2018, and reports from the intersection of housing, culture, and environment.Residential Energy

View or download Chris’ CV in English or Spanish.

See a few of Chris’ publications at

See how Chris’ publications are used by the U.S. Department of Energy.



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