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At Habitat X we specialize in leveraging educational technology to make absorbing information more effective for the learner and easier for the educator. This applies equally to teachers, salespeople, and customer service representatives. But there’s always a critical caveat here: your educational technology should be transparent to the learner and secondary to the educational mission.

J West on Appropriate Technology in the Classroom

We also recognize that purchase, maintenance, and upgrade of educational technology can place a huge financial burden on training and sales organizations. To help reduce expenses, we’ve reached into the world of consumer technology for many educational tools. By thinking strategically, you can assemble commonly available and reasonably priced components to create low-cost training solutions. And these strategically created systems are often more robust and adaptable than single-purpose educational tools.

Throughout the Habitat X conferences, we’ll show you the most effective ways to use off-the-shelf technology to accelerate all types of content delivery in online, classroom, and field venues. You’ll go home with a focused strategy for leveraging your technology so your students learn more effectively and your job will be easier.

A Day in the Life of Learning

A Day in the Life of Learning

Download the article by J West, from Home Energy Magazine. PDF file 460 KB.

Our friend J West has made a study of making education work. What he has learned, and it’s not that complex, is that the best educators learn to view the educational experience through the eyes of the learner. In this one-pager, first published in Home Energy Magazine, he offers the high points of one very good day in the classroom or field.

What Your Trainer Should Have Taught You


Building Scientist Courtney Moriarta

So you took a class and got yourself certified. Now what? Today’s tools provide results quicker than ever. But how much do you know about what’s going on under the hood? What would you do if the black box failed? In this workshop, we learned how to get real with the practical details of building science, diagnostics, and applications. This session was co-presented by Chris Dorsi and Courtney Moriarta.

Download the PDF resource: What Your Trainer: Summary

Choosing Houses for Field Training

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Download the two-pager on Choosing Houses. PDF file 210KB.

Many organizations deliver training in the field. There are distinct advantages to moving the classroom into the real world where the conditions are similar those faced by the contracting community. But field training can also become a mine-field, where the best laid plans go wrong and a lot of time can be wasted. We’ve learned that one of the best ways to optimize field training is to choose the right venue, and to that end we’ve created a two-pager that outlines what we have found are the attributes of the best homes for field training.


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