Sales and Marketing

Every Habitat X Conference includes work on sales and marketing. In many ways, this may be the most important track of all — for without an ability to tell the story of building performance, we’ll never achieve the widespread market adoption we need to build a sustainable industry.

Inside the Mind of the Homeowner

Inside the Mind of the Homeowner

View or download Garry Upton’s presentation. PDF file 2.5 MB.

We have participated in a lot of industry discussion about the difficulty of selling home performance services. But few organizations have gone to the effort of collecting direct and verifiable data about the mindset of the homeowner during this process. The folks at Decision Analyst have done so, and Garry Upton shares some of the data in his presentation. This ongoing research project, with over over a decades’ worth of data, is focused on the HVAC industry, the smart use of service contracts, and the expectations of consumers. This is an important piece of work for anyone who is involved with the business of contracting.


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