The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides guidance and support for the Habitat X initiatives. These committed individuals come from a range of industries and careers that reflect the background of our participants. Thanks to each of you for moving the Habitat X Conferences toward a position of authority and leadership!
Colin Genge

Colin Genge is the founder and CEO of Retrotec, Inc. He’s widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost experts on the science and practice of measuring the integrity of air barriers in buildings for home performance, fire control, and clean room applications. Colin has provided solid support for the Habitat X initiative for years now. He lives on a houseboat in Vancouver, British Colombia.

2015 Summer National Conference Presenter.

Retrotec, Inc.  is a 2015 Platinum sponsor of the Habitat X Conferences.


Ed Thomas

Ed Thomas is the Executive Director of The organization provides association management, strategic consultation, and tactical event production to help enhance learning and networking among energy and water utilities, government entities, and other like-minded companies and organizations. His clients include: Peak Load Management Alliance, Utility Energy Forum, Rocky Mountain Utility Efficiency Exchange, and Edison Electric Institute. Ed resides in Vallejo, California.

2015 Summer National Conference Participant. is a 2015 Platinum sponsor of the Habitat X Conferences.


Chandler vonSchrader

Chandler von Schrader works for the EPA in Washington, D.C., and has become a main mover at the confluence of home performance, HVAC, and the rest of the construction industry. You couldn’t find anyone more qualified for this discussion — as the manager of the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Verified Installation Program, Chandler has been instrumental in building one of the nation’s most-widespread home performance programs. Today he’s working to introduce home performance to the HVAC and remodeling industries. He lives in Washington, D.C.


Rick Blumenthal

Rick Blumenthal has been involved in the housing industry for his entire career. With a background in environmental planning and community organizing, he embarked on a highly successful career in construction management. He now captures all that expertise as an expert witness and as a building scientist and educator for Knauf Insulation.  Rick lives in Bainbridge Island, Washington.

2015 Summer National Conference Presenter.

Knauf Insulation is a Gold Sponsor of Habitat X.


Garry Upton

Garry Upton is an executive vice-president at Decision Analyst, where he has made a career of creating and massaging big data sets about consumer behavior into useful guidance for business. He has specialized in developing actionable marketing and service procedures for the HVAC industry, a job he learned well from his years with Lennox. Gary lives in Denver, Colorado.

2015 Summer National Conference Presenter.


Brad Turner is the Director of Education and Technical Assistance at Southface Energy Institute. He manages the Southeast DOE Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Training Center (SWEET), plus several other programs focusing on residential energy efficiency. He has also worked in various capacities developing national standards and certifications best practices related to energy efficiency improvements on existing homes. Brad resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

2015 Summer National Conference Presenter.

Read Brad’s article in the Habitat X Journal.


Larry Zarker

Larry Zarker has been involved with the world of home performance for most of his career. From a start at research center of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), he’s now the Executive Director of the Building Performance Institute (BPI). Larry brings an important perspective to our discussions: with his years of experience on Capitol Hill, he has a strong sense of when to use political solutions, and when to rely upon private industry.

2015 Summer National Conference Participant.

Read Larry’s article in the Habitat X Journal.


Tiger Adolf has been been a major player in the North American home performance industry for years now. With an education in both law and agriculture, and a background in permitting and compliance, she has put solid service as the Executive Director of the Wyoming Energy Council and as the leader of Program Design and Market Development for the Building Performance Institute. She currently serves as the Director of Operations for Tiger resides in Vallejo California.

2015 Summer National Conference Participant. is a Platinum sponsor of Habitat X.


Steve Malon

Steve Malon has spent his entire career perfecting the art and science of insulating and air-sealing buildings. He has not only built a successful business to deliver those services, but he has become a widely respected technical trainer, too. He’s the incoming president of HPIP, the High Performance Insulation Professionals, and he works out of Rapid City, South Dakota.

2015 Summer National Conference Presenter.

Read Steve’s article in the Habitat X Journal.


Duke Elliott

Duke Elliott has the distinction being an expert in both the technology and business of energy efficient construction and and sustainable development. As a former director of the Montana Weatherization Training Center, he also has also gained a lot of knowledge in the world of work-force development. Duke is the proprietor of YesHaus, a nearly ideal pre-fab housing solution. He lives and works in Bozeman, Montana.

2015 Summer National Conference Presenter.

Read Duke’s article in the Habitat X Journal.


Welcome to our newest Board members: Jason Heaton and Erwin Schwiebert, both of Boise, Idaho.

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