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Read the article by Larry Zarker in the 2015 Habitat X Journal.

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Read the article by Larry Zarker in the 2014 Habitat X Journal.

We’ve followed a path of fast evolution in the world of home performance. From a simple beginning in 1977, when President Jimmy Carter extolled Americans to simply reduce the energy consumption of our buildings, we’ve developed a multi-faceted approach to home performance that strives to capture all manner of non-energy benefits. Among these, none can loom so large as our ability to have a positive effect on the health of those who live in the homes with which we’re involved. Our health is, after all, a primary measure of human happiness and success.

Luckily, the recognition of this connection— the nexus of health and energy—has risen to the highest levels among regulators, program managers, and insurers. We now have some tremendous opportunities before us which could vastly improve our relationship with our housing. Larry Zarker, of the Building Performance Institute, makes a compelling case for a holistic and healthy management of our homes in these two articles.


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