Instant Online Collaboration

Instant Online CollaborationThe ideas and tools described here are free and widely available. When used together, you can create a surprisingly strong collaborative environment with students, customers, coworkers, or friends.

This system is built hyperlinked Google Docs. Here’s the high points:

Share Your Documents

This is the most important principle: share your documents so others can view, print, or share them. If you wish, you can allow some or all viewers to edit or comment upon them.

Design for Screen AND Paper

Design your documents so they are useful both for screen-viewers (those who are viewing the document online) and paper-readers (those who have only a printed copy). Then you can collaborate around either type of document.

Use Shortened URLs

Your paper-reading viewers may need to type in your URLs. Use short URLs that can be easily typed.

Keep Your Document Short

The best use of an Instant Online document is as a collection of resources, not as the entire lesson or project document.

Create Interaction and Feedback

Your readers will lose interest if they cannot interact with your document. You can create an interactive document in many ways.

Want to learn more? Click through to view the Google Doc and get all the details.



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