The Strategic Plan

The Habitat X Summer National Conference provides a collaborative meeting place for leaders from the energy efficiency, building performance, and utility industries. Each year we work in a collaborative public process to develop a two-year Strategic Plan that addresses issues and initiatives that are deemed to be of prime importance to our organizations, our industries, and society at large.

Attendees at the Habitat X Conferences create this Strategic Plan with the goal to gather knowledge, develop industry guidance, and move these key initiatives toward success.

Our current Strategic Plan was published in the January/February 2016 issue of Home Energy Magazine. It’ll provide guidance through the 2018 Summer National Conference at Big Sky Montana, at which time we’ll develop and release an update.

The initiatives described in the Strategic Plan form the core topics for our work throughout the year.

  • Consumer Ethics and Values
  • Contractor Training and Quality Control
  • Building Performance and Product Development
  • Programs and Codes
  • The Evolving Role of Gas and Electric Utilities
  • Connecting Home Health and Home Performance

Most of these topics are integrated into the agenda for the 2018 Summer National Conference.


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