The Difference

We’ve designed the Habitat X Conferences to provide maximum value for active professionals in the housing industry. We’ve borrowed a few ideas from traditional conferences by providing ample educational sessions and networking opportunities. But we take the professional conference several steps further by providing the opportunity to truly focus on the work at hand in ways that can never happen at large events. The Habitat X Conferences are like a quick trip through graduate school, and here’s how we do it.

Small attendance and focused agenda.


We limit enrollment at the Habitat X Conferences to a small number of people. This allows us to work in productive small groups where we can speed learning and choose topics that are relevant to the work that’s actually performed by the people in attendance. We do some of our best collaboration in the twice-daily plenary sessions. But we split into small-group workshops each day for focused study and hands-on practice. And throughout the event, we fine-tune the program and adapt to the people who are in the room.

Extraordinary locations. We locate the Habitat X Conferences in interesting and comfortable venues where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Our preferred locations are colleges, retreat centers, and training facilities. We think this is important because no one really wants to spend the day in a windowless hotel room — indeed, many of our conference locations are close to cultural centers or areas of scenic beauty.

Structured networking. 


We provide ample time and structure for networking and socializing, including at least two offsite social events in locations where you’ll want to spend some time. For many attendees, these opportunities to connect with colleagues in an informal setting are the primary reason to attend a Habitat X Conference.

Ongoing support. Once you attend a Habitat X Conference, we’ll provide follow-on support to keep your career moving forward. We’ll include you in our monthly Habitat X Brainstorm, where alumni meet to share ideas, collaborate, and plan the future. We’ll send you new curriculum materials as they’re released. And we’ll keep an open line of communication with you if you just need some help or advice. It’s this network that best defines our work, and we think it’s priceless.

Video: How We Craft the Conferences


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