Joe Medosch

Joe Medosch is a brand ambassador for Habitat X, and serves as a staff member for the Habitat X conferences. He operates the consultancy Energy & Environmental Consulting LLC, is a training consultant to Retrotec Incorporated, and is the executive director of the Healthy Home Environment Association.

Joe is a technical wizard across much of the home performance field, and a talented trainer as well. He developed the Energy Management curriculum for Technical College System of Georgia, he’s a former energy manager for University of Georgia at Tifton, and he’s an Energy Management Instructor at Moultrie Technical College. Joe lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Joe holds the distinction of having designed his own slightly cryptic typeface, hand-grinding the characters of an old Underwood manual typewriter. Read Joe’s article in the 2014 Habitat X Journal.

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2014 Habitat X Journal
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