2018 Summer National Conference

Big Sky Resort

June 27-29, 2018

The Habitat X Conferences have become a reliable point of connection for professionals from across all sectors of the energy and housing industries. These one-of-a-kind events offer an adaptable and productive venue in which thought leaders and decision makers create real working solutions for their organizations. The networking opportunities are strong and relevant.

We hope you can join us to expand your network, activate your ideas, and become an architect of change for the home performance industry.

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What Happens at the Habitat X Conferences?

The formal sessions, open dialogues, and potent one-on-one collaboration fill the needs of forward-looking and active professionals who are ready to get down to business in creative and pragmatic ways. As a bonus, just about everyone in attendance reports having a great time with old friends and new colleagues.

The program for the most recent conference included presentations, panel discussions, and workshops that leveraged initiatives described in the Habitat X Strategic Plan:

  • Paths to Energy Code Compliance. We looked at the effects of required performance testing, the use of the Energy Rating Index (ERI) performance path, and the continued legal pressure to achieve verifiable compliance with energy codes.
  • Changing the Conversation. We focused on cultural and linguistic barriers that limit the widespread implementation of high performance construction.
  • Valuation and Finance Mechanisms. We disassembled the various finance instruments to show how they work, compare their implementation in a variety of markets, and identify the best ways to fit them each of them into programs and industry.
  • Connected Devices for Integrated Home Performance. We heard reports from the field, and brainstormed the best channels for combining these hopeful technologies into realistic solutions with commercial viability.
  • The Business of Healthy Homes. We took a strategic look at the rapidly expanding field of health and home performance, and began assembling a set of generic business plans that provide guidance for new players.
  • The Evolving Role of Modern Utilities: a panel discussion with CEO Robert C. Rowe of NorthWestern Energy and others. We looked to these experts to learn about the huge shifts taking place within the utility industry.
  • Choosing Value, Cutting Cost, a moderated discussion on quality control and the “race to the bottom” in the construction industry.
  • The Disruptive State of Photovoltaics. The advent of lower-cost photovoltaics has reduced the investment in energy efficiency in many markets. Yet there are strong opportunities for combined investments that include well-targeted whole-house upgrades.

Who Attends the Habitat X Conferences?

The Habitat Conference have become a respected venue for seasoned and forward-looking professionals who have a stake in the future of sustainable housing:

  • Energy Auditors and HERS Raters
  • Home Performance Specialists
  • Home Builders and HVAC Contractors
  • Utility Representatives
  • Industry Regulators
  • Architects and Designers

This is the place where advanced business networking, strategic planning, and personal development take place in one integrated event. Participants go back to their jobs with a renewed focus and connection to their industries. Join us, and connect to this forward-looking network of seasoned professionals.

What They Say

“I am deeply impressed by the people in the Habitat X network…”

“I left the Habitat X Conference genuinely enriched, with improved perspectives, and with new abilities…”

“I was inspired, impressed, enlightened, and honored to be among these amazing individuals…”

“If this industry is your passion – then a Habitat X event must become your action plan…”

Collage of Habitat Xers


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